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Τhe history of precious jewelry across time is not so much an account of human vanity than a representation of the evolution of human cultures as well as the urge of humans to create symbols as well as beauty.


Gems throughout time

There are indicators that people have been using jewels from extremely early times on as individual accessory. Originally, these were made from materials quickly readily available in nature such as coverings, animal bones or teeth. With time human beings discovered to collaborate with different rocks and steels, consisting of gold and also treasures that were especially valued in fashion jewelry. Our ancestors were exceptionally talented jewelry experts as well as the appeal and elegance of the old jewels still captivates us as clearly demonstrated by the passion revealed for jewel displays in museums or for plan exhibitions on as an example the Gold of the Incas or the prizes from Egyptians tombs.

With using rare-earth elements like gold or treasures like rubies, gems ended up being tangible indicators of riches, power and also social order. At various times, like in the center Age, laws were passed as to who was enabled to put on gems, which in itself illustrates the social relevance connected to gems.

The principle of crown jewels was produced in the Renaissance duration where the French King, Francois 1st proclaimed 8 great pieces to be inalienable treasures of French kings.Similar regulation in various other countries soon laid the ground for the treasures of the European Royal households.

19th as well as 20th century, a transforming factor

The use and value of jewels altered substantially in the 19th century because of social, technological and also social variables.

A new social code - Until then men wear equally as superb gems as women did. Furthermore they had jewels, pearls, silver and gold threads sawed into their garments. Nonetheless, around the 19th century the social code required a more sober outfit code for men. Additionally, around the same period, a much sharper distinction was introduced in between day as well as evening jewels, the most delicious being reserved for nights as well as galas.

A new technology - The commercial transformation made it possible to mass produce jewels of high- in addition to low-quality, therefore positioning precious jewelry within the financial understanding of a much bigger section of the populace. This consequently caused a much more unwinded connection to jewels obtained at a lower expense as well as quickly changed by new collections for a promptly altering style.


The modern culture - The Art Nouveau movement as well as the 1900 Globe Event noted a brand-new period where design as well as creativity are prized above material worth, therefore moving the focus of the jewelry expert's art from the setting of stones to the creative style. This marked the birth of what is now called art precious jewelry in contrast to typical precious jewelry.

Throughout the Art Deco duration Coco Chanel greatly popularized costume jewelry as decoration to match a specific fashionable costume or garment. Those outfit jewels commonly constructed from non precious product and mass-produced marked the start of an age of non reusable gems that are trendy for a brief amount of time and promptly dated by a brand-new fashion style.

One can not discuss layout without pointing out the Danish Layout. This cutting-edge motion is identified by quite distinct sober round lines of excellent aesthetic quality as well as a preference for silver. Georg Jensen is the most representative number, however definitely not the only prominent name. Danish Design had a huge impact in the rest of Europe and also in the United States as well as laid the ground for several experimental gems in the 1960s an 1970s.

Gem layout did not just trying out brand-new kinds as well as brand-new product - consisting of cheap products like aluminum, plastic, paper, nylon, however haute-couture developers such as Coco Chanel, as stated over, and distinguished artists like Salvador Dali, Picasso or Max Ernst made a considerable contribution to innovation because field. This work challenged restricting conventions and also rather blurred the boundaries in between jewelry, fashion and also fine arts.

Gems today as well as tomorrow

Jewels are just eye-catching today as they remained in the past. It is not possible at this moment to anticipate what the 21st century will certainly bring as uniqueness. Nevertheless, looking at what is occurring today might give us a hint as to tendencies.

Art gems


Among the indications of the ongoing financial and also social importance of gems in modern culture is the annual Copenhagen Jewellery Fair that is Scandinavian largest fashion jewelry and also watch fair. This year, the imperial security of the reasonable, Princess Marie, provided the reward to the winder of the "Bella Nordic Jewelry Award", that can be considered as that Nordic competition for jewelers.

Though, far from that prestige, you can find several tiny gem developers' ateliers scattered all over Denmark. There, you can find beautiful special gems produced by talented people with a enthusiasm for their craft as well as proposing a wonderful variety of style and also awareness.

Home-made jewels

The high cost of high quality gems has led the way for a "do it on your own" motion. There is rather a large number of physical or digital stores were exclusive clients can buy jewels parts that they can after that assembled to make gems for themselves or others. Those stores have been until now be a lucrative business, however there are now sign that the significant is coming to saturation and competitors is ending up being harder.

Jewels, usage culture and also recycling

As discussed previously, gems are a reflection of societal developments. On one side mass production with affordable products has actually suggested a substantial offer of gems that everybody can manage. Those jewels have actually become common things of intake to be used as well as discarded without a doubt

As a reaction to this "waste culture" recycling has ended up being a solid social activity. Waste product, even garbage, is used to new productions, including jewels. Those are per interpretation distinct pieces coming out of the developer's creativity and cost prices significantly changing with the credibility of the designer.

Gems for guys

While there appears to be no limit of size, color and structure in ladies's jewels, the deal as well as use guys's fashion jewelry is fairly rather restricted. It is difficult to claim whether this is because of men themselves, to social standards on what a man can wear or because of the lack of interest and also creativity on the part of the designers. It is though more and more approved for guys to wear earrings, which might be a indicator that conventions as well as taste are altering.

Jewelry - an everlasting love story

Gems have adhered to human beings throughout ages and also have had a social as well as cultural function that has actually progressed together with cultures. In our facility modern-day culture gems, in one form or another, are budget-friendly to all layers of society as well as are used as signals on attitudes, lifestyles as well as belonging. The social importance of jewels is challenging to establish because the great offer as well as variety of gems from the low-cost mass-produced to the finest exclusive pieces. As Clare Phillips1 specifies "What holds currently, as throughout the ages, is that fashion jewelry at its finest has the power to attract and also inspire - which is the prime quality of art at its best in any of its several indications." It can then be wrap up with no uncertainty that, yes, jewels are much more than an expression of human vanity.